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What to Do When Your Basement Gets Flooded

When you see flooded basement Check to see that the fuse box hasn’t been covered with water and if not, make sure it is properly turned off. Avoid any wet wires or sockets and keep smaller children far away from … Read more

Basic Steps in Water Damage Remediation

We believe our customers deserve accurate information that will allow them to make wise decisions when they want to ensure things go back to normal after a severe water damage situation. The very first step you take is to ensure … Read more

Water Damage Under Kitchen Sink

  When you have water damage under the kitchen sink, 911 Remediation is the company to call. We're available 24/7 Water Damage Under Kitchen Sink: How Do You Recognize It? Now, we all know that the kitchen is one of … Read more

What Your Insurance Agent Should Know After Water Damage

Water Damage Assessment There is a very good reason for paying homeowners insurance because you never quite know when water damage can strike. When something as severe as water damage takes over your house, you need to report the damage … Read more

Fighting mold with chlorine bleach

In general, mold is not harmed by bleach enough for it to disappear. It is not recommended as the sole treatment for mold as it will have to be applied and re-applied several times. The process is time consuming and … Read more

Water Damage Injuries

  Water can cause an incredible amount of damage to your home, but there are far worse consequences that water damage can leave behind. There are many types of injuries or serious accidents that can occur after a home has … Read more

How to Deal with Smoke Damage

Smoke damage is the immediate result of a fire, and can leave a path of property destruction, and serious health problems, if not treated right away. Fire damage can also be the result of a damaged electrical outlet or a … Read more

Global Effects of Floods

  By definition, floods are an overflow of water that will submerge land. No one is ever really prepared when Mother Nature decides to unleash her fury upon us. Floods are caused by storms, and hurricanes, which lead to heavy … Read more

The Tools Used to Handle Water Damage

  No one is quite ready when Mother Nature or an uncooperative pipe, gives way. You can take all the precautionary measures as possible, but it’s going to take some industrial tools to get help restore your home back to … Read more

HVAC Duct Cleaning

We all know there is a difference between the clean air inside countryside and the smoggy, impure air in the city. Whether in downtown LA or Times Square, The Big Apple, the allergens and antigens which can be found throughout … Read more