What Are Floods?

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By definition, floods are an overflow of water that will submerge land. No one is ever really prepared when Mother Nature decides to unleash her fury upon us. Floods are caused by storms, and hurricanes, which lead to heavy rains and flooding. The end results are catastrophic all around. Floods destroy homes, businesses, cars, and anything else in its path. Flooding generally occurs in areas that are near rivers, lakes, or streams of water. Depending on the degree of the flood, people are at serious risk for their lives as well. Throughout history, there have been several floods caused by natural disasters, such as hurricanes or typhoons that have claimed hundreds of thousands of lives. The worst flood to date were the 1931 floods in China, which killed over 3.7 million people.

How To Stay Safe During a Flood

So, what exactly can you do during a flood? There are some very obvious tips that are simply common sense. Here are a few tips which you can take certain precautions and measures to at least ensure that you are as safe as possible, during a flood.

  • Do Not Walk Through Flowing Water – As shallow as the water might seem through the visible eye, the currents are very deceptive, and can easily sweep you away, thus causing you to drown. Use a pole or stick to navigate your way through flowing water to get to safety.
  • Do Not Drive Through Flooded Areas – You are at greater risk of drowning inside your car than anywhere else during a flood. The dangers of being stuck inside your car, as the water accumulates, is far worse than traveling by foot. Vehicles get swept away with force, so always avoid entering your car.
  • Stay Away From Power Lines and Electrical Wires – This should be fairly obvious. Always make sure to keep a very long distance between yourself and any electrical wires or power lines.
  • Evacuate Your Home Right Away – The last place you want to be during a flood, is trapped inside your house. Always make sure to find the nearest evacuation center for flood victims in your area.

What To Do During An Emergency?

The first thing you want to do is get your family together and head out to the nearest emergency flood shelter in your area. You should generally contact the Red Cross in case of emergencies. It’s also a wise idea to protect your home with a good flood insurance policy. Although we cannot predict what Mother Nature has in store for us, we can at least take the right precautions to stay alive.