What Causes Smoke Damage?

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Smoke damage is the immediate result of a fire, and can leave a path of property destruction, and serious health problems, if not treated right away. Fire damage can also be the result of a damaged electrical outlet or a burning cigarette that has not been properly extinguished. Smoke also flows around plumbing systems, and travels throughout your home by pipes that go to each floor of your house. Burning hot smoke travels to cooler areas and upper levels of your home structure. It is imperative that you contact a professional fire damage restoration technician right away. After a fire has occurred in your home, the trail of smoke and residue, can severely impact your breathing, and must be dealt with immediately.


How to Stay Safe


You should always leave the cleanup to the pros, but you can still take extra precaution, and stay safe, while help arrives. You should never attempt to clean walls, carpet or upholstery by yourself, or turn on ceiling fans if the ceiling is wet, which can help spread the soot throughout your house. You should also never attempt to clean or repair any electrical appliances. There are a few tips that you can do in the meantime, but always make sure to be extra careful.


  • Shut Off Ventilation Systems – Turn off your central air conditioner or heating systems to limit the spread of soot and smoke.
  • Make Sure Your Kitchen & Bathrooms Are Clean – You should make sure that your kitchen and bathrooms are protected, and kept clean, until help arrives. Always wear protective gloves and keep your hands clean as well. It is recommended that you use petroleum jelly or oil to clean and protect chrome or metallic areas.
  • Stay In One Safe Area – Limit movement in the home to prevent soot particles from being embedded into upholstery and carpets.


Who to Call in an Emergency?

If your home has been the victim of a fire, you need professional fire damage restoration technicians that can help ensure your home is completely smoke-free and safe to breathe. At 911 Remediation, we work with a reliable team of fire damage restoration pros that are also on call 24/7. You should never go anywhere near an electrical area of your home, and wait until we arrive to fix everything up. Get in touch with our friendly customer care team, and let our experts restore your home.