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I ‘d like to thank the entire crew at Water Damage Sacramento who saved my home from complete water damage destruction. We left our house one morning, not knowing that my the bathtub faucet water was left running. My wife and I went to work, and the kids went to school. I had to rush back home at midday after a neighbor called to alert me about water dripping from the main house door. When I got home, I could not believe my eyes! The entire house was flooded and I did not know where to start. My neighbors helped a little but at one point we all agreed it would be best to call for emergency assistance. I’m so glad I called Water Damage Sacramento; they were right over with a team of water removal professionals who had everything under control. The procedure took some time to complete, but they were very dedicated and patient and helped us cope mentally with this nightmare. Thanks so much! I will always be thankful!