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Who knew a $3 plastic component on a water pipe could simply crack and create a flood of biblical dimensions, soaking an entire apartment? I’m here to share with you, Erez and his workforce were amazing – I rang some other places, who said such things as “I can’t give you a ballpark quote on the phone, someone will phone you in a few hours”, etc.
911 Restoration promised to send someone to assess the flood remediation work instantly, and not only did he arrive when promised, he carried a crew & equipment and we were able to agree on price right then and there…they had the worst of the water & soggy carpet pads taken away within a few hours!
3 days later, all the carpeted apartment is dry, the pieces of baseboard that could be salvaged are neatly stacked…they even pulled out the stove, which wasn’t impacted, uncovering a terrible mess from previous years of crackhead tenants and rather than just pushing it back, they entirely cleaned up the mess! I have never had a construction squad leave an area so clean at the finish of each day…
Their costs were Excellent, as well as their customer service was the best I’ve ever experienced…if you’ve got water damage, these are the folks to call!
Vivin & Mona