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Water Damage Sacramento offers 24 hour water removal, flood clean up and emergency water damage repair services. Looking for a Sacramento water damage restoration service? Has your residential or commercial property been a victim of a flood water damage disaster? If so, you must act immediately to fix water damage. Water damage cleaning is a complex procedure that requires the professional help and expertise of a water damage service team.

Water Damage Restoration


Sacramento water damage clean up

water removal, flood damage repair, flood clean up, and emergency water damage services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Our repairing water damage service team specializes in business and water damage home services including: basement water repair, bathroom water damage restoration, water damaged carpet services, drywall water damage and more.

Call Sacramento’s water removal 24/7 line at (916) 244-3969 and we’ll send over a team of water damage cleaning professionals to remove water, fully dry your house, fix water damage, and restore your residence to its pre flood water damage condition.

Sacramento Water Damage Cleaning Services:

  • Water damage restoration
  • Water removal
  • Flood damage repair
  • Water damaged carpet cleaning
  • Basement water repair
  • Drywall water damage restoration
  • Bathroom water damage repair
  • Flood clean up
  • Water flood damage control
  • Flooded basements restoration
  • Emergency water damage repair

All of the above water damage clean up services and more are available 24 hours a day, for any emergency water damage disaster that might streak your commercial or residential property.

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Causes of Water Damage

Water damage can be caused by many factors: pipe leakage, broken washing machine or dishwasher, flood, toilet or bathtub overflow, and water used by firemen to put out fire. Whatever the cause of the water flood damage, it can be quite destructive. We, at Water Damage Sacramento have come across countless flood water damage instances and have seen it all. From bathroom water damage, to floor and drywall water damage repair, flooded basements and complete water damage home we and our team are can fix water damage thanks to our experience and advanced equipment.

We know how catastrophic and distressing water accidents can be to one’s home. Not only are these sudden and unexpected, but water contamination can destroy one’s entire residence, not to mention one’s furniture and belongings. With our repairing water damage service, your home can be restored to its original condition with the help of an extensive water removal and drying process. We can restore water damaged carpet, floors, ceilings, tiles, drywall, and basement water repair. Our professional water removal team will cleanse and detoxify your home and belongings from any water contamination to prevent the growth of bacteria and mold. If your home is already infected with mold, we will take lab samples and treat the mold infected area to have it removed, so you can live in a healthy home once again.

We know you have a lot on your plate when dealing with a water damage home, flooded bathrooms or flooded basements. That’s why we’re here – to reduce your anxiety, by dealing with anything related to the water damage cleaning and flood clean up process. If you are insured, let us deal with all the insurance paper work to save the headache. Our water damage service prices are totally fair and affordable, so even if you are not insured, you have nothing to worry about.

During the water flood damage, people’s belongings can get completely ruined. Some of these personal items tend to be quite meaningful to us such as books, diaries, pictures, computers, electronics and more. Losing such personal items that take an entire lifetime to collect can be quite tragic. As part of the water damage clean up procedure, you can have your personal belongings saved and restored. For more information, contact us 24 hours a day at (916) 244-3969.