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Water Damage Under Kitchen Sink: How Do You Recognize It?

Now, we all know that the kitchen is one of the most used rooms in the entire house. Right? However, the truth is that many times we don't recognize warning signs of water damage such as excess moisture. Think about it, some of the most water-exposed areas in your home are the kitchen countertop and the sink. Despite this fact, most people don't really look under the kitchen sink to make sure it's dry. This can lead to long-term damage when moisture is allowed to be present.

Preventing Damage

Periodically remove everything from under your sink and take a good look at what the condition the cupboard is in. Take a look and examine it for leaks. If you detect that the trap is dripping, this could be an indication of drain problems. You'll want to have that repaired as soon as possible.

Also, look at the kitchen sink itself. If it's constantly dripping, should be repaired right away as well because the water can seep down underneath and cause water damage under the kitchen sink too. Sink seals should be replaced if they are obviously loose or cracked. A partially blocked drain can also actually indicate that you have slow-draining pipes.

You should also actually touch the walls and floor of the cupboard beneath your kitchen sink. This is because if you can feel dampness, or if they are unnaturally soft, you can tell something is not right. Also, if you see stains on the walls or floor of the cupboard, likewise you know that there is an issue of water damage that must be addressed.

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Water damage under the kitchen sink is not something to ignore. The longer you allow moisture to reside under the sink, the greater the problem and the more it will cost you to fix it. However, 911 Remediation in Sacramento has the solutions you need and can repair any water damage under the kitchen sink you may have experienced.

911 Remediation solutions are provided with your health and safety in mind. This means ensuring that water is extracted, removed and a full restoration of your kitchen sink area is done. When water damage has affected your kitchen or any other area in your home, please call our Sacramento location and we'll have someone on the way to provide immediate assistance.