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As a homeowner, there is nothing worse than experiencing a major disaster, such as water damage. There still might be a great chance you could save your valuables and possessions. You can also repair water damaged carpet, depending on the severity of the damage. It’s always best to contact a professional water damage restoration company, as they have the industrial vacuums and equipment, to save your carpet. You can follow these guidelines on how to save your carpet, while a professional water damage restoration specialist in on the way.

Drying rugs and carpets as soon as possible is extremely important in preventing harmful mold from growing. Mold begins to grow on carpets and rugs that have been exposed to water for more than 24-48 hours. In this case you will have to completely get rid of the damaged carpet. Make sure to pull up any rugs and carpets immediately and dry outdoors in sunlight, in order to prevent any further damage to the subflooring and to allow carpets to dry better.

Use a commercial rug shampoo and using a sponge, rub it on a small area of carpet (about 2-3 feet) with a light circular motion. Use a stiff bristle brush if the carpet is deeply soiled.Rinse several times with clear water, wringing most of the water from the sponge each time. Make sure you change the water, since it can become quite dirty. Use as little water as possible on the sponge since water will weaken carpet backing. Repeat this action on the next area of the rug until the entire surface is clean. When moving to the next area of the carpet, overlap the first area as overlapping helps prevent streaking when the carpet dries.

After you finish the cleanup of your carpets, dry out the carpets as quickly as possible. To do so, lay out the carpets flat in a warm dry place. To speed up the process, use a fan. Be sure to thoroughly dry the carpets. Even though the surface may seem dry, you must confirm that the base of the fiber is completely dry.

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When it comes to safely cleaning carpets and rugs, 911 Remediation, leads the way. Our knowledgeable water damage restoration technicians will safely and effectively clean up the watery mess. We are available 24/7, and our technicians cover the entire Sacramento area. We will provide you with a full mold inspection as well, and if there are any traces of mold in the carpets, we will safely discard them for you. Our technicians utilize the most environmentally friendly equipment as well. All you have to do is pick up the phone and give our friendly support team a call. Let us help restore your carpets, rugs and home!