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When you see flooded basement Check to see that the fuse box hasn’t been covered with water and if not, make sure it is properly turned off. Avoid any wet wires or sockets and keep smaller children far away from the fuse box itself. You might want to seal off the basement altogether to prevent accidents from occuring, since the steps are very slippery and dangerous.

You’ll want to have the proper clothing before entering a wet basement. You certainly don’t want to go downstairs with a pair of house slippers! You’ll need a pair of thick waterproof boots to stomp your way through the watery mess. Buy a protective face mask at any local hardware store before stepping into the basement. The reason for the mask is to avoid encountering mold or mildew, which could be contaminating the air you breathe.

The Restoration Process

At this point, you should be ready to start draining out as much of the water as possible. You’ll need to either rent a high powered water vacuum and dehumidifier or let a professional do the dirty work for you. There are some drawbacks to doing-it-yourself. You might not have the available resources to thoroughly clean up the water. Wet carpeting must be handled at an early stage to prevent it from decaying. A highly trained water damage restoration specialist will be able to clean out each drop of water and check for mold or mildew formation.

Let 911 Remediation Sacramento Help

When it comes to basement water damage cleanup, we lead the way! 911 Remediation has a talented team of trained pros that will restore your basement back to its original state. Flooded basements could be the result of heavy rains or a cracked drain pipe. No matter the case, you can count on us to get things done! We’re on call 24/7 and offer very affordable rates. We’re also accredited insurance vendors. Give us a call right away for immediate cleanup restoration!